4 Jul 2014

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Its been 10 months since we launched Techorks. Its all because of you die hard readers which ignites us to present you more interesting and informative content. Don't worry we will be continuing to do so. Thanks for all your comments, lovely feedback, errors and praises. Foremost supporting us this long. We are growing and will continue to.

3 Jul 2014

Why Is Glass Transparent? by Mark Miodownik

Why Is Glass Transparent? by Mark Miodownik

If you look through your glasses, binoculars or a window, or any transparent solid medium you see the world on the other side. How is it that something so solid, like glass and all can be so invisible? Mark Miodownik melts the scientific secret behind amorphous solids.

Mark Miodownik is one of the The Times 100 most influential scientists in the UK and scientist in residence on Dara O Briain's Science Club.

Mark's Book: Stuff Matters: The Strange Stories of the Marvellous Materials that Shape Our Man-made World.

More Interesting things about Glass

Why Is Glass Transparent? (Video)

TED Ed | Why Is Glass Transparent?

1 Jul 2014

10 Essential Chrome Extensions Not to Miss

10 Essential Chrome Extensions Not to Miss

Google Chrome is a brilliant browser not doubt and with chrome extensions it becomes more powerful. According to our taste we may share some similar chrome extensions. As I already listed my personal favorite ones that I use everyday (Tell me some of yours over there!). Below in the list I am not going to repeat my personal ones but the "Must Ones" everyone worth having.

These are not just best but sooner or later you will have to use it, if you are not using it or aren't aware of it. Don't worry even I sometimes surprise how could I have forgotten them.

  1. Adblock Plus - Blocks annoying video ads on YouTube, Facebook ads, banners and much more.
  2. StayFocusd - Increases productivity by limiting amount of time that you can spend on time-wasting websites.
  3. Gmail Offline - Use Gmail without internet connection.
  4. Google Dictionary - View definitions easily as you browse the web.
  5. LastPass - Password manager that saves all your passwords.
  6. Pixlr Touch Up - Smart, easy offline photo editor. 
  7. Magic Actions for YouTube - Enhance your YouTube watching experience. Like Auto HD, Ad Block, Cinema Mode, Mouse Wheel Volume Control and many more.
  8. MyPermissions Cleaner - Get Real time alerts when apps access your information and files.
  9. Snagit - Screen capture, screen recording, image editing, and sharing. Runs offline.
  10. History Eraser App - Deletes typed URLs, Cache, Cookies, your Download and Browsing History. Runs offline.

30 Jun 2014

14 Indications Your Computer Has a Virus

14 Indications Your Computer Has a Virus

Whether it's a human or computer virus, both affects our health and system rudely. It hurts more when our important files, pictures and documents were erased brutally.

Sometimes with the accompany of antiviruses and internet security suits it still persuade. Thankfully, just like we humans a computers shows many indications before something terribly happens. Below we'd like to discuss few points that will clearly indicate the presence of a creepy threat underlying the system.

  1. Slow. The very first clear indication is your computer started working terribly slow. What I mean is that you can clearly visualize the difference of working speeds compare to yesterday or past weeks.
  2. Unresponsive of clicks and keys. Tried to start a game? or an app? but it does not not responds. Clearly an indication of virus. 
  3. Freeze, Crash & Reboots. It all started happening with no other reason. You could also suffer from blue screen of death.  
  4. Antivirus or Security Program no longer working. Possibilities are they will go offline and will not start if affected by virus. Additionally they will also not respond to your clicks. Scans will terminate automatically or will never start.
  5. Firewall. Whether its your operating system's built in firewall or security program's it will terminate too. Will go offline. It will be disabled. 
  6. Hard Disk and other drives went missing. Indication is crystal clear, the virus will restrict you to use you drive and will affect the files in it. Icons will go missing. 
  7. Print & Scan command won't work. You could be restricted to print as well as scan. Printer or Scanner will behave unnecessarily. Things like print cartridge will flush ink.
  8. Strange Pop-Up Windows. You could be start seeing strange pop-up windows flashing on your screen. Statements like "You have been infected by this or that virus". Will ask to do certain illegal things like asking personal or financial documents. May pretend to be some security agency. Be aware.
  9. Windows won't close or terminate. Chances are you will be blocked to close window, much like it will be unresponsive. 
  10. Pop-Up Ads. You might see numerous number of pop-up advertisements.
  11. Problem in downloading. Your download stops completely at 99.9% or many never starts. Downloading antivirus and other security suits may be blocked.
  12. Icons, Folder or Programs vanishes. You may lost the desktop icons or any programs. Files and folders may also vanish.
  13. Slow Startup. When your computer starts it may be taking more time than usual.
  14. Unknown Files. It could be downloaded by the virus sitting inside. You surely didn't downloaded them or installed, so where did they came from?

Remember, our computer indicates us before something terribly happens. It just doesn't happens in snap all in once. Take proper safety actions or consult a technician for help.

29 Jun 2014

12 Free Software Worth Downloading

12 Free Software Worth Downloading

The best things in the world are free. So there are many free software that deserves a home on your computer. Below is the list of 12 free software that worth downloading.

  1. Malware-Bytes - Protects you from online threats that antivirus can't detect.
  2. F.lux - Helps your eyes by changing screen's temperature throughout the day.
  3. Bing Desktop - Shuffles wallpapers from Bing for your desktop.
  4. Recuva - Recovers almost any deleted files from your hard disk. 
  5. TOR - Surf the Internet anonymously.
  6. Windows On Top - Keeps a specific Window on top of all others.
  7. BlueScreenView - Displays the information about all crashes of blue screen of death.
  8. Ditto - A better Windows clipboard manager.
  9. HandBrake - converting video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs.
  10. Jing - A little incredible screenshot app, a screencast app and a sharing app. 
  11. Dark Room - A full screen, distraction free, writing environment. 
  12. TeraCopy - Copy and move files at the maximum possible speed.

27 Jun 2014

16 Most Useful Website Links to Remember

16 Most Useful Website Links to Remember

There are times when you want to accomplish a simple task you have to mess around a lot. Below are 16 most useful websites, which will come in handy so that you won't mess around. 

  1. - Convert almost anything to anything online.
  2. - Get old version of any software.
  3. - A more safer way to search the internet.
  4. - Find out your I.P. address.
  5. - A simple way to web chat.
  6. - Improve Reading Speed and Comprehension.
  7. - Long url shortner by Google.
  8. - Popular news from all over the world.
  9. - Instant screen sharing with VoIP.
  10. - Download a free software everyday.
  11. - An intelligent computational system for anything.
  12. - Get solution to you computer problems.
  13. - Get the perfect time of your location.
  14. - Use Google Chrome as Notepad.
  15. - HTML version of Gmail to load faster.
  16. - Download a free psd every day.

24 Jun 2014

12 Things Successful People Do Differently

Success is what everyone runs for. Some achieve, some not. But that's not the end. Life is a cyclic process. No initial or terminal points, like a perfect drawn circle. Our life is a journey filled with levels, there is no perfect destination we have to give our best ever-time. Though, the noteworthy life lessons Candy Crush gave us but we should remember the term "fail" has no existence of its own. It's just the absences of "success".

What things successful people have in common. One of them is, they do things differently. Choosing the path that has never been chosen by anyone. Let's try out few points from the list below who knows you would discover the perfect ingredient missing in you.

12 Things Successful People Do Differently 

#1 They create and pursue SMART goals.

#2 They decisive and immediate ACTION.

#3 They focus on being PRODUCTIVE, not being busy. 

#4 They make LOGICAL, informed decisions.

#5 They avoid the trap of trying to make things PERFECT. 

#6 They work outside of their COMFORT ZONE.

#7 They keep things SIMPLE.

#8 They focus on making SMALL, continuous IMPROVEMENTS.

#9 They MEASURE and track their PROGRESS.

#10 They maintain POSITIVE outlook as they learn from MISTAKES.

#11 They spend time with the right PEOPLE.

#12 They maintain BALANCE in their life.

4 Jun 2014

That's new Android Logo, are they Changing?

Android's official trademark logo is unchanged for as long as the platform has existed. According to leaks by a twitter account @upleaks the new LG G Watch is showing a new logo, during boot. This 17 second boot animation is planned to come up with the upcoming- LG G Smartwatch.

The new logo is smooth, softer and futuristic like the one currently running but with more flexible and flow.
LG G Watch.

Since android is an open source platform, it can easily be used on any compatible device. LG G smartwatch is planning to use this beast OS now on super mobile devices called smartwatches or known as Android Wear.

Android's current logo.
The most important question is that will this logo is going to the future of android by replacing the one we have now? We are still in doubt.

Google already stated that they feel bad by not including the trademark Android logo on each devices. I guess this is what bought to this. Now it should be possible that upcoming devices whether be mobile or smartwatches or glass they are going to put their might logo during boot. "Powered by Android ". So as the Windows and Apple does.

Current term "Powered by Android" is available on Samsung Galaxy S5 and on HTC One (M8). There is a new splash screen during the boot that says it.

HTC One (M8) showing android logo.

You might like: Promotional shots wallpaper of the Samsung Galaxy S5 or HTC One (M8).

Seriously this couldn't be any problem or hard to engulf to any of the android users. As being the most popular OS yes it worth their name displaying.

1 Jun 2014

50 Things Science Can't Explain Yet

Science is pretty much an amazing thing. We'd say it has all the answers to questions, but wait there are things that even scientist are confused of.

Seems impossible, but true most of the mysteries are still unsolved.

Like, Why do we Yawn? Why 9/10 people are right handed? Why does orgasm exist? Why do we require sleep? Why do we laugh? Why do we blush? What is negative thought? Why Giraffe has a long neck? and many more.

You may seem you know the answer, but those are just the theories. Could be true or false told just only by those puzzled scientists.

BuzzFeedBlue | YouTube

8 May 2014

Like The HTC One M8 Wallpaper? Here’s How to Download It

Like The HTC One M8 Wallpaper? Here’s How to Download It

After the request of Samsung Galaxy S5 wallpaper, an another user requested the official promotional wallpaper of HTC One M8. You really do not need to buy an M8, to have the feel. The best part is you can always customize your lovely handset.

Use the wallpaper and customize with few icon packs, and finalize it with launchers. You can almost enjoy the look and feel of any new OS interface nowadays just by customizing it.

The wallpaper below is the default wallpaper used in the promotional shots of HTC One M8. I am hopefully able to pull it out. Use it and bring that classy feel on your handset.

The image resolution is 2160 x 1920. Perfectly HD. So you won't have to feel uncomfortable re-sizing it according to your needs. Simply right click on the image and choose Save image as... to save on your local drive.

Additionally I have provided an extra url to imgur, so that you can get it from there too.

htc default promotional official wallpaper
Promotional images of the HTC One M8 show off the custom wallpaper

Download HTC One M8 Wallpaper | imgur