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Its been 10 months since we launched Techorks. Its all because of you die hard readers which i...


Why Is Glass Transparent? by Mark Miodownik

If you look through your glasses, binoculars or a window, or any transparent solid medium you se...


10 Essential Chrome Extensions Not to Miss

Google Chrome is a brilliant browser not doubt and with chrome extensions it becomes more powe...


14 Indications Your Computer Has a Virus

Whether it's a human or computer virus, both affects our health and system rudely. It hurts ...


12 Free Software Worth Downloading

The best things in the world are free. So there are many free software that deserves a home o...


16 Most Useful Website Links to Remember

There are times when you want to accomplish a simple task you have to mess around a lot. Bel...


12 Things Successful People Do Differently

Success is what everyone runs for. Some achieve, some not. But that's not the end. Life is a...


That's new Android Logo, are they Changing?

Android's official trademark logo is unchanged for as long as the platform has existed. Acc...


50 Things Science Can't Explain Yet

Science is pretty much an amazing thing. We'd say it has all the answers to questions, but w...


Like The HTC One M8 Wallpaper? Here’s How to Download It

After the request of Samsung Galaxy S5 wallpaper , an another user requested the official promot...

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